Retrochallenge 2016/10: The 8-bit hospital

Welcome to the 8-bit computer hospital.

The Patients

Patent number one is a 28-year-old 32kB Tandy 102 suffering from acute amnesia. Patent reports being in the middle of some casual BASIC coding when it suddenly crashed and erased the program. Upon cold-boot, it couldn’t remember anything from its upper 8k of RAM. In fact, the patient insists that it only ever had 24kB. When asked, under hypnosis, to recall anything from 8000 to 9FFF, it simply repeats the question.

The Tandy 102 has undergone oscilloscopic imaging to determine the extent of memory damage. It appears that chip M6 has failed, leaving the patient one quarter of its RAM dead.

Patient number two is a 33-year-old Atari 400. This Atari has previously received several elective procedures, including a RAM augmentation, an RF-ectomy, and a keyboard graft. Patient is here to correct a previous composite video surgery that left it with poor luminance. While on the operating table, patient has also elected to receive a stereo pokey implant.