Inufuto Tandy 100 games – file conversions

At the request of a friend, I recently brought my Tandy 102 to a vintage computer fest to demo some recently-released games by a group I know only as Inufuto. They have a very clever engine and compiler that allows them to write games for an absolutely absurd number of system – among them, the Tandy 100.

Of some inconvenience, though, is that they only released the games as WAV files suitable for loading in via the cassette port. In order to be able to store these games on my Backpack Drive, I converted them to file-based games that can be loaded from TPDD easily.

Here is my archive of those file conversions: Inufuto_m100_games.7z

Again, the original site for these games is:

I do not own these games, did not write them, and these conversions are not authorized. If requested, I will remove them.